Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Favorites

Ok, so I've been thinking about random things lately and since I haven't been keeping a journal very well, I thought, "Oh, I should put it up on our blog....  but that's more of a family thing and this is more of a Charmaine thing.  Wait, don't I have a Charmaine blog??"  Why, yes I do.  

So, random #1, because it's on the TV right now, The Soup and host Joel McHale.  My new favorite find.  It's so stinking hilarious!   It's all him making fun of celebrities and all the things that show up on television.  He's seriously a crack up!  Catch it if you can.

Next....  My new addiction: Photoshop and my Macbook.  Bad news.  Only because I seriously spend so much time on it.  I need to limit myself somehow.  But, isn't it wonderful all the things that the technology of the computer and internet has given us?  Email, blogs, news online, VOIP, online chatting, and even school online!  

I also must admit that I have become a totally devoted Mac addict!  Once you go Mac you'll never go back!  I won't go all into it though (because it gets a little scary).  But really, I love Mac!

So, there's my little rant for today.  More soon...  I promise it won't be another... what, a year?  Yeah, well it won't be as long next time.