Sunday, April 27, 2008

Has it been ten years???

OK, so it's time for my ten year high school reunion.  But, the problem is, I happen to be one of those very rare, where do I fit in types.  You see although I was class of '98, my senior picture appeared in the graduating class of '97.  I didn't attend commencement ceremonies for either year, but my diploma has 1998 on it - I think.  So, I didn't attend the reunion for the class of '97 and have been getting some emails from the '98 reunion committee.  So, I sent them my address so I could get an invite and stuff like that (although we will be Iowa so I won't be attending anyway - but I would still like to feel included!).  So, the committee chair (I guess that's what she is) emailed me with this email (this is just a general of what it said):  

"Who are you?  I can't find you in the year book or on the commencement program.  I found a Chantal (same last name) from class of '99.  Is that you? (No, it's my sister.)  This is the reunion for the class of '98..."  

So, wouldn't be such a big deal except I know this girl.  We had classes together.   We went to the same high school for all those years.  We even went to the same junior high.  We even went to summer girl's camps together.  I remember who she is.  And granted I wasn't real popular or anything, I ran for class offices (and lost) but come on, how many "Charmaine's" do you know???  I'm a little annoyed and, again, perhaps it is all those pregnancy hormones, but I can't help but think, "What a moron!"