Sunday, April 27, 2008

Has it been ten years???

OK, so it's time for my ten year high school reunion.  But, the problem is, I happen to be one of those very rare, where do I fit in types.  You see although I was class of '98, my senior picture appeared in the graduating class of '97.  I didn't attend commencement ceremonies for either year, but my diploma has 1998 on it - I think.  So, I didn't attend the reunion for the class of '97 and have been getting some emails from the '98 reunion committee.  So, I sent them my address so I could get an invite and stuff like that (although we will be Iowa so I won't be attending anyway - but I would still like to feel included!).  So, the committee chair (I guess that's what she is) emailed me with this email (this is just a general of what it said):  

"Who are you?  I can't find you in the year book or on the commencement program.  I found a Chantal (same last name) from class of '99.  Is that you? (No, it's my sister.)  This is the reunion for the class of '98..."  

So, wouldn't be such a big deal except I know this girl.  We had classes together.   We went to the same high school for all those years.  We even went to the same junior high.  We even went to summer girl's camps together.  I remember who she is.  And granted I wasn't real popular or anything, I ran for class offices (and lost) but come on, how many "Charmaine's" do you know???  I'm a little annoyed and, again, perhaps it is all those pregnancy hormones, but I can't help but think, "What a moron!"


Jeanette said...

Okay, as I'm reading this, I'm thinking the same thing! What a moron! And seriously how many Charmaine's do I know? 1! I think I would totally remember you if I had gone to junior high AND high school! Give me a break! (no hormones here talking) :) haha Hope you sort everything out!

Chantal said...

She is an idiot! You are kinda unforgettable, even if your not miss popular, you knew each other though so many different avenues.
Of course she remembers you! You need to remind her. Maybe she has gone through so many different names she did not recognise your right away.

Or maybe she's...never mind ;)

Anonymous said...

Can you send me the info or her email. I want to find out what's going on for it. So, when are you moving?? Maybe you should come down for it so you can go with me!!! Regardless we need to get together before you leave!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

lol oh my goodness, she is a moron! that is too funny. on one will remeber me either. Since I am not in the year book at all for the year that I graduated (06) even thought my diploma says 07. We must have been like twins in highschool. so accouding to the year book i was never a senior and did not graduate. so i am certain that i will not got anything inviting me back. but who wants to go to that anyways!? you will be having way more fun in iowa!

Jennie said...

Hello IDIOT! That's just ridiculous.

And HELLO?!!! Are you moving? I didn't know this? What are the details?!!

If you're moving to Iowa, we won't be too far away. We're moving to Michigan this September!