Monday, June 08, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

I could probably entitle all of my posts "Are You Kidding Me?" I feel like Seth Meyers on SNL, "SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?!?"

I've been reading "The Revolution - A Manifesto" by Ron Paul and there are so many things that have become so clear to me. We have been lied to in the name of "safety." Our own safety (because we aren't smart enough to keep ourselves safe) and national safety. Our government has way more power than the founding fathers ever meant for them to have. And that power has gone to their heads.

I love this quote from the book (from the section discussing The Patriot Act and other similar acts):
Judge Andrew Napolitano recently asked, "Why should government agaents spy on us? They work for us. How about we spy on them?"
So great. Anyway, I don't have any specifics to shout about today, just wanted to vent some frusteration.