Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ignorance May Be Bliss, But It's Going To Bankrupt Us

So I was at the local farmer's market yesterday and a group of people had set up a table with a bunch of pamphlets, buttons, stickers, etc. promoting "Obamacare." Now let me say, I completely support their right to assemble and speak out on an issue. I applaud them for their efforts and sacrifices in service of something they believe in. And even though I STRONGLY disagree I think it's noble that they want to help people. That being said, I just stopped by to take a quick look and see what kinds of things they were saying. I didn't address anybody and was planning on moving on quickly when a woman said she wanted to speak to me about this important issue. I politely declined but a guy came out of nowhere and began asking me questions. I told them that I didn't agree with socialized medicine and that I didn't want to argue, knowing they wouldn't change my opnion and I probably wouldn't change their's. Then the woman asked me:

"Don't you think Medicaid for everyone is a good idea?"

Silence. My thoughts: "Are you kidding me?!? Have you ever been on Medicaid? How about in the last ten years?"
My answer:

"No. I don't think Medicaid is a good idea."

There was more to the conversation, but this one question I just can't stop thinking about. Was she serious? Now I have been on Medicaid. For the last 5 years or so. During that whole time we have been students and I've had 2 pregnancies. We've used student insurance, but it doesn't cover everything so Medicaid covers the rest. If there was ANY other way, or if healthcare was affordable, I'd take it. Plus, when I was working, I paid plenty of taxes and my family all pay their taxes, so really I'm just finally getting that money back! But seriously. Medicaid is the WORST! There is virtually no customer service. I could go on and on about all the bad experiences I've had dealing with Medicaid, but I won't. Really, I just wanted to share the question with you. All I can think is: Ignorance must really be bliss.